Trade Name


Beginning of Business

August 13, 2001 (2001/8/13)
University Venture Company


565-0824 408, Building A1, 2-4, Yamada-Nishi, Suita City, Osaka, Japan


Yonemura Yakahiro
Takahiro Yonemura, President. Ph.D. in Engineering.

1974 Born in Yokohama, Japan / Lives in Osaka
2001 Started an IT venture company (Inazuma Co., Ltd.) while still in school
2003 Completed doctorate in engineering at Kinki University Graduate School
2006 "Paper Craft by PC 2" (Paper Dragon) was selected as a "Jury Recommended Work" at the Japan Media Arts Festival
2007 "Easy C + + Part 2" was nominated for the Japan Media Arts Festival.
2012 The research result of the developed software "Paper Dragon" was published in the technical paper magazine NICOGRAPH.
2018 Concluded "Industry-Academia Collaboration Project" (Collaboration) with Kinki University for the production of "Beast Gate / Pioneer of Life Forms
2019 English translation of "Beast Mechanism" "The Metallic Dragon and I" is released in 12 countries around the world by the project of Japanese government assistance
2020 The cover art of "Beast Gate: Pioneer of Life Forms" was accepted and published in the journal DiVA47
2021 The cover art of "Beast Code" is published in the academic journal DiVA No. 49

Currently Director of Inazuma Inc. and part-time lecturer at a science and technology university. He is a member of the SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform for Local Development and a regular member of the Society for Art and Science.
ICT training session for council members

He is involved in IT business (programmer, producer of Internet expositions, paper craft), and creative activities ranging from technical practical books to science fiction books and columns. The author loves dragons, and his hobbies of fruit and maniacal gardening have made my house a ...... disaster.

Main Business Activities

Writing and writing (fiction, literature, PC/IT fields)
Lecturer and lecturer on information processing technology. Consulting.
Business on Paper Crafts.

Educational software planning and development (Java/PHP/C/C/C++/VB/SB/JScript/VBA).

August 2001

Starting a business in the Wakayama office


Inazuma Park Open  

April 2005

Move to the Osaka office

April 2007

Relocation to Suita Office